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Deep Fried Food Tied To Prostate Cancer

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Main Category: Prostate / Prostate Cancer
Also Included In: Nutrition / Diet
Article Date: 30 Jan 2013 – 3:00 PST

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From doughnuts to French fries, eating deep fried food at least once a week is linked to a raised risk for prostate cancer, according to a
new US study. The researchers did not investigate why the link exists, but suggest it could be because deep frying releases potentially cancer-causing compounds in the cooking oil or fat.

The researchers, from the Public Health Sciences Division of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, write about their findings in
the 17 January online issue of The Prostate.

Previous studies have already shown links between prostate cancer and foods heated to high temperatures, such as grilled meats, but the authors
believe theirs is the first to examine potential links with deep-fried foods.

Corresponding author Janet L. Stanford, co-director of the Hutchinson Center’s Program in Prostate Cancer Research, says in a statement released
this week:

“The link between prostate cancer and select deep-fried foods appeared to be limited to the highest level of consumption – defined in our study as
more than once

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