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Itchy Bottom

Itchy Bottom or Pruritis Ani is a condition that is four times more common in men than women and is often a symptom of infection, eczema or haemorrhoids. It is made worse by persistent scratching and the skin can become thickened and weep.

It can be treated with steroids or changes to diet and personal hygiene

In many cases, it is a habit and the patient needs to break the itch/scratch cycle, a self perpetuating problem which damages the skin making it become inflamed and then start to itch more.

The patient is given a clicker to count each time he scratches – this makes him more aware of what he’s doing. Nails need to be cut short to limit any damage. Soaps and shower gels should not be used and bottom wiping should be done with wet wipes rather than loo roll. The bottom should be dried with a hair dryer rather than a towel to ensure it is totally dry.

Taking all these factors into account, the condition of the patient in Channel 4′s Embarrassing Bodies improved dramatically.

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