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Vegetable Fats Reduce Prostate Cancer Death Risk

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Article Date: 11 Jun 2013 – 0:00 PDT

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Prostate cancer patients who replace animal fats and some carbohydrates with vegetable fats have a lower risk of premature death, researchers from the University of California reported in JAMA Internal Medicine.

In the United States alone, nearly 2.5 million men currently live with prostate cancer. Not much is known about how diet may influence prostate cancer progression and death rates, the authors wrote as background information.

Erin L. Richman, Sc.D., and team carried out a study involving 4,577 men from the Health Professional Follow-up Study with non-metastatic prostate cancer between 1986 and 2010. They focused on the patients’ dietary fat intake after diagnosis. Every four years, they completed questionnaires which asked how often they ate and drank over 130 different types of foods and drinks.

Higher vegetable fat intake reduced prostate cancer death rates and deaths from any cause

Over a follow-up period of 8.4 years, 315 men died from prostate cancer and 1,064 died from any cause. Those who replaced 10% of their dietary calorific intake of carbohydrates with vegetable fat had a 29% lower risk of lethal prostate cancer and a 26% lower risk of death

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